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Air Travel

Travel agents are even more important now days than ever. When booking your next flight ensure that using a travel professional will guarantee you relaxing and enjoyable trip.


At Translloyd Travel we like to think of ourselves as travel advisors as we provide guidance at every step of the process, from pre-booking, to your return. As your personal travel advisor we know every aspect of the travel industry—including safety measures and the ins-and-outs of insurance policies—to make sure they’re providing up-to-date advice.


The travel landscape is constantly changing with new rules and regulation, forms and visas that are required. Translloyd Travel ensures that every flight you take goes as smooth as possible and each traveler is informed of the necessary document.

Translloyd offers the most competitive prices in the industry, enabling us to give each client the most value for their money.


By using a Translloyd you can ensure that as you travel you will have a travel advocate at your side, should something derail on your trip. Translloyd is always available to help you with lost luggage, missed a connection, flight cancelation, we are there to help you get your trip back on track.

Traveling by Air
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