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Business Travel

Translloyd Travel specializes as a business travel agency, providing travel-related services with discounts and perks, specifically for business travellers. In addition to booking flights, hotels, car rentals and airport transfer, as a business traveller we take care of the visa arrangements to the destination you are travelling to. Small details like  travel insurance, exchange rates, parking, business venues, meetings, events, and much more are services we offer so you won’t need to worry about anything during your business trip.

As a business travel agency we can provide companies with many perks including discounts on flights and accommodation. Since we have years of experience in their field, we can provide you with inside information, which isn’t openly available to public such as availability and price changes.

As your corporate travel agent can make all types of changes to itineraries at little or no cost to you, thus saving your business money and time. We also are aware of specific requests which include seat preference, smoking rooms, dietary requirements, and frequent flyer processing, to ensure a business trip runs successfully.

We are here to make sure your business trip go according to plan as we take care of any factors that may affect your business trip. Rely on us to find out about potential delays, make sure your driver is scheduled to pick you up from the airport, and various other important processes to make your trip go as smoothly as possible.

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